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Innovation for Health.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of Aboca's products in Greece.

Aboca is an Italian company based in Tuscany and was founded by its owner Mr. Valentino Mercati in 1978.

Aboca's mission is to combine the knowledge that tradition has to offer, with modern technology and the most recent scientific discoveries. The experience acquired through all those years of activities in the production of organic natural products and the investments made, guaranties Aboca a product that is totally natural and at the same time safe and efficacious.

This is why the company has decided to have a verticalized production cycle controlling and monitoring closely all the production steps from the crop to the final product. In addition Aboca has developed patents in the extraction processes, patents in the production of tablets and capsules without the use of excipients and of course the use of freeze dried extracts which provide a high content of active ingredients.

This is why Aboca is considered a leader in the production of natural products.

For more information you can visit www.aboca.com/gr

Technological innovation in essential oils diffusion.

Our company is also the exclusive distributor of Para'Kito™, a natural essential oils diffusion device, in Greece.

It consists of refillable wristbands and clips, based on a proprietary technology of impregnation of essential oils into polymers and have become the reference in natural essential oils diffusion in France and Spain where Para'Kito™ holds the number one position.

Para'Kito™ has quickly expanded from its initial footprint in Western Europe into a international brand present in the five continents.

The bands can be worn on the wrist or ankle, day and night to diffuse essential oils. Long lasting, the Para'Kito™ pellets last for fifteen days and are waterproof, meaning that swimming, heavy rain or any contact with water does not affect the product's efficiency. Clips are also available and can be attached to clothing or hand luggage for a convenient and smart way to diffuse essential oils.

The Para'Kito™ active pellet does not come in contact with the skin; as such Para'Kito™ is suitable for pregnant women and young children and recommended for individuals susceptible to skin allergies and irritations.

An efficient, natural and convenient essential oils diffuser for everyone.

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